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Get access to new data for
sales & marketing in Salesforce


  • Instant access to accurate data
  • Company data from D&B
  • Segment and plan with account data
  • Find more contacts in accounts
  • Access 30M+ business contacts
  • Build targeted lists in real time
  • Clean & maintain CRM data
  • Import 300 records per month
  • Additional records are $.50/contact The most complete source of accurate business data

Get started today with accurate and clean data from
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Clean your existing data against

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  • Improve productivity with clean data
  • Increase CRM adoption with quality data
  • Flag dead and duplicate data
  • Fill in missing information
  • Receive data updates in real time
  • Get reports on data health
  • Clean your data offline Lists

Improve performance with targeted lists

Pricing based on volume

  • Increase ROI with targeted lists
  • Unlimited viewing of 30M+ contacts
  • Generate lists online in real time
  • Custom lists delivered via FTP
  • Data refreshed quarterly
  • Online lists updated in real time
  • List good for one year



* Minimum 6 seats of Prospecting or overall purchase of $5K required. Must have Professional Edition or higher for Clean package.
** All per-user products require an annual contract. To take advantage of the clean functionality in this product, customers must purchase a minimum of 6 seats
of prospecting or make an overall minimum purchase of $5K.