APAC Executive

Salesforce Executive perspectives
on driving Success from Anywhere


A series of conversations with Salesforce Executives on driving Success from Anywhere

Be inspired by our virtual conversations with Salesforce Executives as they share their unique perspectives, real world examples of how success from anywhere can be achieved, and their thoughts on how to lead companies confidently into the ‘new normal’.

Episode 1

Is Customer Loyalty the New Currency?

Neeracha Taychakhoonavudh, EVP Global Success and Strategy, Salesforce, explains why digital transformation is now a priority for all business leaders who are serious about engaging customers, motivating employees and driving growth.

Episode 2

What Does Successful Leadership Look Like in the New World?

Polly Sumner, Chief Adoption Officer, Salesforce, provides a first-hand perspective on leadership in the new world.

Episode 3

Creating an Inclusive & Collaborative Environment in a Success from Anywhere World

Craig Cuffie, EVP and Chief Procurement Officer, Salesforce, gives his unique perspective on creating an inclusive and collaborative environment where employees can really thrive in a Success from Anywhere World.

Episode 4

Making Effective Decisions in the Face of Uncertainty

Peter Schwartz, SVP Strategic Planning, Salesforce, explains what scenario planning is and how it can help us make better decisions for an uncertain future.

Episode 5

Why Marketers Should Lead Your Business Transformation

Jon Suarez-Davis, SVP Marketing Strategy and Innovation, Salesforce, explains why CMOs are now in a unique position to take the lead on business transformation.

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