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In an era of constant connectivity, the biggest productivity gains come from time spent connecting virtually. See how your teams can increase the number of opportunities by up to 20% while using Sales Cloud.
Easily log, manage, and analyse all customer activity on a single, secure, and scalable platform
Automatically capture data and get instant insights, enabling your sales teams to win with predictive forecasting
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Sales Cloud brings a range of sales velocity to empower sales teams to close more deals, faster.

Build sequences of sales activities with workflows
Implement work queue automation
Analyse leads with Einstein Lead Scoring and so much more

Create winning, repeatable sales cycles.

Build sequences of sales activities with Sales Cadence
Allow sales managers to perfect the sales process and bring out the best in their reps in order to make every sales success easy to repeat

Give inside sales reps an outsized advantage.

Efficiently reach the best leads
Intelligently convert leads
Create new opportunities

We needed a tool that could bring us all together. Ultimately, that led us to Salesforce.”