Deployment checklist

Tips to help make your deployment a success

Now that you’re ready to get started, here’s a simple checklist to ensure you’ve dotted your i’s and crossed your t’s.

Load new users
You can load new users one at a time, or all at once using the Data Loader wizard.

Enable Chatter feed tracking for objects and fields
Enabling the ‘owner’ field will ensure that users are following the records they create.

Set key executives for all users to follow
Use the Data Loader to automatically have users follow key company leaders. You can read more about the Data Loader here.

Set up groups with members and seed with content
Create an ‘All Chatter’ group for all users to ask questions and share best practices. You can use the Data Loader for this.

Post FAQs and user guidelines in the All Chatter Group
Post these documents to the System Admins feed and then update the group description with links to these documents.

Manage email notifications for your organization
Turn on email notifications for users so they’ll be notified of important updates from Chatter.

Manage invitations (Chatter Free) – enable / disable, define domains
Activate Chatter invitations to help get every employee on Chatter for free. Find out more here.