MuleSoft Anypoint Platform Pricing

Simple and flexible packaging, custom-fit for your business.

First, choose the right Anypoint Platform edition for your business needs.

Anypoint Integration Starter

Core features to get started with APIs and integrations.

  • Design, manage and deploy APIs and integrations
  • Asset marketplace, reuse
  • API management capabilities (limited capacity)

Anypoint Integration Advanced

Advanced features to support deploying integrations across the enterprise.

 Includes everything in Starter, plus:

  • Advanced monitoring and log management
  • Global multi-cloud deployment & clustering (high availability)
  • Support for hybrid deployment model (extendable to on-prem)

API Management Solution

Comprehensive tools for API Management. Integration package can be added.

  • Full lifecycle API Management
  • API standards, conformance, and compliance with end-to-end API Governance
  • Manage and secure any API in any environment with Flex Gateway


Deploy and scale your integrations at your pace with our flexible, developer-first solutions. Editions are bundled with some API Management capabilities. Add capacity as needed.

Compare editions and top features.

Anypoint Integration Starter

Anypoint Integration Advanced

Design APIs and build integrations

Collaboration and reuse

Unlimited select and community connectors

Container services

Log management and search

Performance management

Anypoint Integration Starter

Anypoint Integration Advanced

Design APIs

Build integrations

Application management and monitoring

Asset discovery and reuse

Unlimited select and community connectors

External identity provider integration

Anypoint Integration Starter

Anypoint Integration Advanced

Clustering (High Availability)

Horizontal Scale-out for CloudHub 1.0 , CloudHub 2.0

CloudHub 1.0: None. CloudHub 2.0: Up to 8 replicas. CloudHub 1.0 & 2.0: Up to 8 workers/ replicas.


Flexible hybrid deployment

Global multi-cloud deployment

Container services

Anypoint Integration Starter

Anypoint Integration Advanced

Visual dependency mapping (Anypoint Visualizer)

Real-time operations performance management


Distributed log management

Custom metrics & dashboards

Flows & Connectors Monitoring

Monitoring APIs

Log tokenization

Anypoint Integration Starter

Anypoint Integration Advanced

Premium connectors

Applications deployed and managed in the European Union

Enterprise grade cloud messaging

API Management

Customers looking for only an API Management solution can start with our API Management package and add capacity when needed. Integration packages may be purchased as an add-on.

Compare editions and top features.

API Management Solution

Anypoint Flex Gateway

Pay by volume of API requests

Anypoint API Manager

Pay by volume of APIs managed

Anypoint API Governance

Pay by volume of APIs governed

Anypoint API Experience Hub

Pay by volume of API access requests

* API Experience Hub is an Add-On

Extend the power of Anypoint Platform with these related apps and add-ons.

Then, choose the Success Plan that’s right for your business.

From resources to embedded experts, get the right level of support and expert guidance for your business.

Premier Success Plan

Specialised engagements.

  • Targeted guidance and best practices via Expert Coaching Sessions and Office Hours
  • 24/7/365 phone & online support, 24/5/365 chat support, 1 hr response for business-stopping issues
  • Developer support to identify performance bottlenecks at a flow level and troubleshoot custom Dataweave scripts

Bundled with Anypoint Integration Starter, Anypoint Integration Advanced, API Management Solution, and Automation packages.

Signature Success Plan

Proactive, high-touch partnership.

  • Designated Customer Success Manager
  • Fastest response time (15 minutes) for business-stopping issues and highest support expertise
  • Technical health reviews and optimisation for issue prevention and guidance with Cloudhub connectivity
  • Developer support for performance improvement suggestions at a flow level

Includes Premier Success Plans features. Available as an upgrade on the Anypoint Integration Advanced package.

Maximise ROI with the world’s #1 success ecosystem.

From support, expert guidance, and resources to our partner apps and experts, the success ecosystem is here to help you realise the full potential of your Salesforce investment.

MuleSoft Anypoint Platform Pricing FAQ

Our new Anypoint Platform integration packages are available for new customers worldwide as of March 1, 2024. If you are an existing MuleSoft customer, please work with your MuleSoft account team to discuss your package eligibility and renewal options.

Our Anypoint Integration Starter and Anypoint Integration Advanced packages are charged on a subscription basis and are measured by the amount of Mule Flow and Mule Message capacity needed. These metrics capture the usage value across a wide scope of use cases. Mule Flows indicate the breadth of your business’s integration deployment, while Mule Messages measure the intensity of usage across your integration deployments.

They include some capacity of Anypoint Flex Gateway, Anypoint API Manager, and Anypoint API Governance. More capacity for these features and Anypoint API Experience Hub are available as an add-on when needed.

Yes, you can start with the API Management Solution package as an API Management only option if needed. From there, you will always have the option to add one of our integration packages when you need.

Our annual subscription model encourages customers to have clearer predictability of both usage and cost for their integration deployments throughout their year term. With an annual subscription and flexible pricing model, businesses can benefit from a solution that addresses their fluctuating seasonal needs. Also, since we do not operate with perpetual licence models, we remove the need for large upfront investments and businesses are not tied down to their starting packages for years to come.

Our team of use case and sizing experts will work with you to evaluate your project and determine which package serves your needs best. Contact us to consult with our team.