Analytics people love to use.

Tableau brings together data from anywhere to empower your people everywhere.

Data Made Easy

Analytics people love to use.

Use intuitive drag-and-drop analysis at every skill level

Quickly spot visual patterns, revealing both everyday opportunities and eureka moments

Easily share insights across teams to drive growth


Tableau Community

Join a global data family.

The Tableau Community is over a million users strong. This diverse group of passionate, supportive people from around the world comes together to help you build your skills, develop your career, and make new friends. Join our #datafam and meet the people behind the numbers.

AI for Enterprise

AI-powered. Business driving.

Tableau offers the most complete and flexible analytics platform available for the enterprise, including:

Fully integrated data management and governance

Visual analytics, data storytelling, and collaboration capabilities

AI built right into Salesforce CRM


Proven Success

Improve your numbers with the #1 analytics platform.

Loyal customers will be the first to tell you that Tableau is essential to unlocking a "data culture." Businesses everywhere are ramping up their Tableau capabilities and driving stronger outcomes. That's why Tableau is high on every evaluator's shortlist.

Discover the Tableau Platform.

From connection through collaboration, Tableau is the most powerful, secure, and flexible end-to-end analytics platform for your data.

Work smarter in Salesforce CRM.

Get AI-driven insights, predictions, and suggested actions right where you work with Tableau CRM.

customer 360

Focus on your customers with the full power of Salesforce.

Customer 360 unites all of your teams with a single source of truth so you can rally together around your customers. Tableau analytics is essential to making the most of your CRM, helping teams spot trends faster, predict outcomes better, and make smarter decisions.

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