Find answers to your toughest questions with analytics for every industry.



Transform your business and drive client success.



Gain policyholder trust, increase sales, and improve customer retention with simple, data-driven insights. Help insurance agents proactively retain policyholders, and service reps see what actions truly boost customer satisfaction.

Commercial Banking

Give coverage bankers and relationship managers the power to hit their numbers by understanding sales blind spots and engaging customers at the right time.

Wealth Management

Get prescriptive account, referral, product, and personal performance analyses that help increase book of business, reduce customer and employee churn, and increase total assets under management.

Retail Banking

Hit your branch targets for new customers and assets by automatically identifying your best leads, predicting customer churn, and detecting and preventing fraud.


Boost revenue and increase customer satisfaction with on-time delivery.


Complete Manufacturing Analytics for Sales

Optimise plant performance by measuring safety and compliance, manufacturing cycles, and capacity utilisation with a single dashboard. Close the gap between sales, finance, operations, and channel partners.

Field Service Analytics for Manufacturing

Help field technicians, agents, and mobile workers deliver personalised, efficient service appointments. View all customer data in a simple app that analyses all work orders and technician performance.


Improve operational efficiency and better serve your patients by connecting all your data sources.


Healthcare Providers

Spot trends, find answers, and create new best practices for your whole organisation. Bring together all your data, like electronic health records, claims data, and clinical systems.

Medical Devices

Build strong partnerships with physicians, cut maintenance costs with proactive service, manage sales pipeline and territories based on supplier actions, and create smarter marketing with real-world customer insights.


Track inventory, store performance, and the entire health of your business.


Customer Satisfaction

Monitor and break down customer satisfaction scores across stores, regions, trends over time, and more.

Store Operations

See how your field service representatives, and the stores they service, are impacting sales, CSAT, and customer traffic.

Retail Marketing

Easily understand how marketing directly affects leads, open pipeline, and more, and drill down by region, segment, and product.


Get a better return on taxpayer dollars and make programs more effective.


Intelligent Correspondence Management

Collect and connect data from multiple systems to have a single view over all correspondence channels, from simple “contact us” forms to controlled FOIA correspondence.

Smart Case Management

Better manage cases at every level of government with greater insight into program effectiveness, risk factors, demographic trends, and more.

Financial Crime Reduction

Stop financial crimes from occurring with proactive notifications and alerts. Identify trends in credit and debit card fraud, identity theft, insurance fraud, and beyond.

Intelligent Health and Human Services

Improve outcomes and reduce patient re-enrollment in substance abuse treatment programs. Quickly learn critical patient information, drill down for a comprehensive view, and identify red flags in treatment.