Together, we can inspire meaningful change.


Salesforce & Accenture: A partnership in sustainability.

Working together has never been more important. As a trusted partner, Salesforce can continue to help Accenture build for the future — and we can help your organisation, too. We’re your technology partner empowering innovation and helping drive your clients' business and sustainability transformations — now and in the future.
Decorative images showing bees, trees and fierce ocean waves

In partnership with Accenture, Salesforce created this film to articulate our shared vision for our interconnected future — a future in which everyone has a stake and everyone plays a part in the solution.


A shared vision of a more sustainable future.


Put sustainability at the core of everything you do.

Watch this four-part video series and learn how to make your business more conscious of its impact and improve its diversity and inclusion efforts. Discover how to become more competitive by embedding sustainabilty into every facet of your organisation.

Salesforce & Accenture come together to shape the future of work.



Reimagining the future of work.

Watch our special five-part video series with Bill Patterson, Salesforce EVP and General Manager for CRM, and Yusuf Tayob, Accenture’s Salesforce Business Group Leader. Learn their predictions for the future of work and how companies can collaborate with trusted digital partners like Salesforce to reopen and reinvent the way they run their businesses.


Stories of Resilience: Meet Stephanie Jandard of Accenture.

Stephanie Jandard, Accenture’s Managing Director of Technology, France, explains how the business is embracing change and technology to become more resilient, focused, and diverse.


Accenture’s global workforce sees the big picture with Tableau.

Discover how Tableau is helping Accenture improve client services in this interview with Accenture Consultant Mike Gabour.

Salesforce and Accenture have partnered to help companies embed sustainability into the core of their business. Learn more about the partnership.