Create trust networks to securely extend CRM to partners.

Easily build blockchain apps and networks with the industry’s first declarative blockchain platform natively integrated into CRM.

Salesforce makes it fast and easy for companies to create trusted blockchain networks.

Salesforce Blockchain is integrated directly into the Salesforce Platform, allowing companies to build blockchain networks, data, and apps with clicks or code and easy-to-use tools. It provides the trust businesses need to share data with each other and with customers.

With Salesforce Blockchain, data is:

Checkmark Saved and signed cryptographically, making it hard to tamper with

Checkmark Stored in identical copies across multiple parties

Checkmark Updated only if the network verifies the changes


Blockchain Builder

Build blockchain networks and apps with clicks.

Checkmark Use low-code tools to create networks and add partners

Checkmark Build and update the blockchain data model with clicks

Checkmark Ensure governance by declaratively setting shared rules and permissions


Blockchain Connect

Automate blockchain data with the power of the Lightning Platform.

Checkmark Capture activity from the blockchain, expose it to Salesforce workflows, and automate actions

Checkmark Easily apply AI, integrate with chatbots, and perform search on blockchain data.


Blockchain Engage

Increase the adoption of your network with engaging partner apps.

Checkmark Integrate blockchain data into the user experience with Lightning apps, Community, or custom apps

Checkmark Share data transparently across your business network — whether partners use Salesforce or not


Blockchain Platform as a Service

Run on a scalable and flexible foundation.

Checkmark Ensure security and scalability with the open-source Hyperledger Sawtooth protocol

Checkmark Choose your own consensus management logic unique to the needs of your network

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