Integrate and access data from other Salesforce orgs and external sources with point-and-click simplicity.
  • See how to connect any data source, fast
  • Access data from any source, even SAP and Oracle
  • Embed objects without code
Quickly integrate with data from legacy systems (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, you name it) or other Salesforce orgs in real time in Salesforce applications and external objects. Dramatically reduce integration time to unlock and modernise back-office systems.
Create, update, and delete data from legacy systems in real time, without copying data to Salesforce. Access all your data — from any system — inside the Salesforce Platform.
Embed external data objects into your sales, service, and custom Salesforce apps without any code. Make employees more productive with a 360-degree view of your enterprise data and allow them to easily update from anywhere.
Discover how easy it is to connect external data sources with Salesforce.