What's Included in Salesforce Platform?

How can IT drive business strategy? With Salesforce Platform, developers and business users have lightning-fast tools to build and deliver apps like never before.

Force.com Runtime Services

Traditionally, setting up the underlying runtime services for applications can be a time-consuming endeavor — and that doesn't even include the time it takes to maintain those services through upgrades and expanding application requirements. With Salesforce Platform, all of the application services come right out of the box, from a powerful workflow engine to API services, integration services, authentication, event log framework, analytics, collaboration services, and all of the other powerful services behind the award-winning Salesforce applications. Just start building.

Lightning App Builder

With the new Salesforce Lightning, businesses have a simple yet powerful set of visual point-and-click tools that anyone can use to build apps. With Force.com, you can quickly and easily create custom apps with complex business logic and beautiful interfaces that work on any device — all without writing code. And Lightning components let you leverage prebuilt Salesforce and partner components, or let developers build custom components that business users can then use to build on their own.

Heroku Enterprise

For developers who want to build modern, web-scale, custom apps in any language, Heroku is a cloud application platform with integrated data services and a powerful ecosystem of developer tools and workflows. Heroku empowers developer self-service, so they can iterate apps quickly, deploy them instantly and scale with ease. Heroku Enterprise adds collaboration, more control features, enterprise grade support, and the trusted partnership with Salesforce.

Schema Builder

Visualise and extend your data model. Quickly add new custom objects, fields, and relationships to your schema with simple point-and-click tools. See details including field values, required fields, and how objects are related via lookup and master-detail relationships.

Process Builder

Easily automate complex business processes with point-and-click tools. Automatically update or create new records, emails, and tasks or submit approval requests in a few simple steps. Visualise the entire process in one place to design and collaborate directly with line of business owners. Easily extend processes with flows. Deploy workflow once, across every device.

Social Collaboration

With social collaboration at the heart of Salesforce Platform, not only are your users social, bbut so is every record, case, opportunity, page, and app. In fact, with just a few clicks, Salesforce Platform lets you build all of this spectacular social collaboration power into any app that you create — instantly.

Embedded Analytics

Create personalised reports and dashboards by department, role, and individual with the simplicity of drag-and-drop tools. Show key business metrics in real time and easily drill down for additional detail. Then share key insights internally via social feeds and across mobile devices. It’s all included.

Translation Workbench

Instantly deploy across the globe without worrying about hardware, installation, or maintenance. Built-in support for 14 languages and most worldwide currencies ensures your data is always accessible and relevant, wherever you need it.

In fact, you can specify languages, assign translators, create translations for customisations you’ve made to your Salesforce organisation, and override labels and translations from managed packages.


Now you can extend the power of the platform to your customers, partners, and suppliers so that they can find the information, experts, and apps they need. Salesforce communities combine the powerful business processes, collaboration, and content tools to build apps that connect your company’s ecosystem.

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