Salesforce Integrations for Slack

Extend the impact of Salesforce solutions by adding powerful integrations to your digital HQ. Salesforce and Slack together help increase revenue and win lifelong customers, while teams work from anywhere.


Integrations for Business Teams

Engage your teams, grow your business.

Sales Cloud for Slack

Give teams access to the information they need to close more deals faster, right in your Slack sales channels. Easily set up strategic notifications, update and share deal details, and strategize together on key opportunities and accounts.

Service Cloud for Slack

Extend Salesforce data, Service Cloud processes, and team knowledge across the business. You can even kick off and manage a swarm right in Slack.

Account Engagement for Slack

Speed up the sales process with Account Engagement for Slack, powered by Pardot. Provide sales reps with customised, automatic notifications on real-time prospect activity.

Intelligence Insights for Slack

Monitor and optimise campaigns with Intelligence Insights for Slack, powered by Datorama, and make timely, data-driven decisions.

Digital Command Centre for Slack

Identify and resolve campaign anomalies across Marketing Cloud before they critically impact your business. Digital Command Centre for Slack is always on — so you don’t have to be.

Commerce Cloud for Slack

Get commerce notifications alerts, manage orders in Slack as a team, and connect developers to create great experiences.
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Dig into the data, right from Slack.

Tableau for Slack

Keep up with dashboard activity and changes to the data you care about most. Get notifications in Slack channels and easily jump directly into Tableau to discover deeper insights.

CRM Analytics for Slack

Put data at the centre of decision-making. In Slack channels, teams can access, share, and collaborate on up-to-date, actionable data.


Build, automate, and connect Slack apps.


Salesforce for Slack

Ensure all your Salesforce for Slack apps talk to each other. Plus, simplify authentication and administration with one sign-in for all your apps.

Flow in Slack

Using clicks, not code, Salesforce admins can integrate Salesforce data and automate business processes directly in Slack to support team collaboration in channels.

Apex SDK for Slack

Create Slack apps powered by Salesforce data using the Salesforce Apex language.


Get down to industry business in Slack.


Financial Services Cloud for Slack

Create and review interaction summaries directly in Slack. Plus, set up channels for deals approved by compliance teams.

Student Success Alerts for Slack

Faculty and instructors can easily alert advisors in Slack about student-related concerns, helping students stay on track to accomplish their education goals.

There's a whole universe of Slack apps waiting to be discovered.

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