What is a Digital HQ, and Why Do You Need One?


Time to watch: 29 minutes


Executive Conversations

Rob Seaman, Salesforce SVP of Product Management for Slack makes his case for the workplace of the future, a flexible, connected space that unshackles experience, engaging both customers and employees.

The last two years have raised the bar when it comes to unpredictability. That can be an uncomfortable place for a business leader tasked with not only maintaining, but growing their business, keeping customers engaged, and employees motivated.

In this Salesforce Executive Conversation, Rob Seaman, Salesforce’s SVP of Product Management for Slack talks about the incredible opportunities offered in a digitally-transformed workplace - for treating humans better in their various ‘modes’, unlocking a diverse workforce, and building on small wins. All best achieved in the context of a digital HQ, where employees can connect, work flexibly and create those serendipitous moments.

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