Make smarter decisions as a team. Salesforce gives you an at-a-glance, real-time, personalized view of your business, and lets you discuss questions and insights through real-time feeds. Everyone from executives to sales reps is a click away from the information they need to answer key questions and manage their business for success.

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Real-Time dashboards

Real-time dashboards provide a complete picture of your business. With dynamic and filtered dashboards, you can drive to shared KPIs to align the business, while giving each leader the personalized view they want.

Real-time Dashboards

Drag-and-drop reports

Reporting used to be hard, but with Salesforce it’s easy. Just drag and drop on the fields, filters, groupings, and charts that you want, and get an immediate real-time view, with instant drill-down to operational data.

Drag and Drop Reports

Enterprise Analytics

Companies of all sizes have one thing in common—they all need to bring data together for analysis, what-if modeling, and filtering. Now Enterprise Analytics gives everyone the power of joined reports, data bucketing, and advanced filtering.

Enterprise Analytics

Mobile dashboards

Run your business on the go with this real-time iPad app. Use it to check in on your business, drill down to details, and then collaborate through Chatter or email to drive updates and decisions.

Mobile Dashboards
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