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CRM Data

All your sales, service, and marketing data at your fingertips.

Feed First

Connect with other employees and collaborate on sales opportunities, service cases, campaigns, and projects.

AppExchange Apps

Add AppExchange apps specifically designed for the Salesforce1 app.

Custom Apps

All your custom objects, fields, and any app you've integrated or built declaratively is now mobile. Even bring your Visualforce pages into the navigation menu.

Custom Publisher Actions

Move business forward with global and contextual Publisher actions.

Notifications Center

View all the posts and approval processes that need your attention in the notifications center.

Multi-device SupportAccess everything you need from your favorite device, iOS or Android



Instantly bring your customisations like workflow, permissions, and sharing settings to mobile

Hybrid User Interface

Benefit from the best native device technology and the latest HTML5, including your own custom Visualforce


How it works

Get to your data using the navigation menu and a few simple gestures.

When you log in to Salesforce1, you see your landing page. Depending on how your administrator has set up Salesforce1, this might be your Chatter feed, your task list, or another page or app.

From the landing page, tap nav icon to go to the navigation menu.

What you see in the navigation menu depends on how your administrator has set up
Salesforce1 and what's available in your organisation, and might include:

  • A global search box, which lets you look for records, people, and other information.
  • Your Chatter feed and links to lists of people and groups, if Chatter is enabled.
  • In the Recent section, objects you've viewed or worked with recently. Tap More to see a full list of the objects available to you in Salesforce1. For each object, you can search for records.
  • Your task lists and your organisation's custom pages or apps.
  • The Today app, which provides an overview of your meetings and other events scheduled for the current day, with links to associated Salesforce records.

To return to the navigation menu from a record or other detail page, tap; from a feed page or the top-level page for an object or app, tap. When you tap links, like the ones in feeds or on record detail pages, the new pages open on top of the page you started from. This means that you may have to tap more than once to return to the navigation menu

Customer Stories



Customer Stories:

See how Salesforce customers are using the Salesforce1 Mobile App to sell, service & market from their phones.




Design Within Reach


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Inspirational Use Cases


100 Ways to Run Your Business from Your Phone:

See Salesforce users to show how they run their business from their phones and use the Salesforce1 app to do business on the go—from sales to marketing and customer service to custom apps.

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Webinar: How salesforce.com uses the Salesforce1 Mobile App

Learn how Salesforce.com uses the Salesforce1 Mobile App to manage our sales, service & marketing across our company. Learn our tried and tested best practices for setting up the Salesforce1 Mobile App, building custom apps & growing user adoption internally.

We'll show you how we've set-up our custom actions for different records & employee roles. We'll share our lessons learned rolling out the Salesforce1 Mobile App internally to our employees. And we'll demo our custom apps that we've built for the Salesforce1 Mobile App to help our employees be more productive - apps like OrgChart, Early Warning System & IT Tickets.

This will be a great webinar of tips, tricks & demos straight from the source! You're sure to walk away with ideas and inspiration for setting up and building apps for the Salesforce1 Mobile App.

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