Windows displaying a customer incident management dashboard and slack swarm

Customer Service Incident Management

Resolve major business disruptions faster and increase customer trust with incident management best practices built directly into Service Cloud. Give your teams the right tools and proven workflows to identify and track incidents, collaborate with experts, and keep customers informed. Empower your service and operations teams to work in harmony with all case, incident, and customer data in one unified workspace.

What can you do with your new customer service incident management platform?

Boost your team's productivity and keep customers happy even when the unexpected happens.

Proactively detect and respond to incidents.

Stay one step ahead of major disruptions. Monitor systems to identify potential problems and take action before they have widespread impact. Automatically create an incident when a technical issue is detected, instantly send alerts to the right team members, and get real-time updates directly in Service Cloud with deeply integrated tools powered by PagerDuty, Datadog, and other partners.

Event monitoring and notification from Service console.

Break down team silos and speed up time to resolution when agents and response teams have a centralized place to track and manage incidents. Bring case, incident, and customer data into a unified view so that everyone has the right information to rapidly troubleshoot. As your teams work to diagnose the problem and resolve the incident, you can keep the complete picture in mind, track dependencies, and stay on top of possible ripple effects with related lists.

Unified workspace in the Service Console.

Eliminate manual tasks and streamline multistep processes so your teams can focus on incident response and resolution while keeping customers informed. Create flows to automate repetitive tasks such as closing all related incidents, problems, and cases. Use a work plan to ensure the right steps are documented and assigned to the right owner to deploy a fix and resolve the issue.

Closed case workflow in the Service Console.
Event monitoring and notification from Service console.
Unified workspace in the Service Console.
Closed case workflow in the Service Console.

Centrally manage real-time status updates.

Deflect cases while building customer confidence by seamlessly broadcasting real-time status updates across digital channels. Proactively notify customers via email of known issues before they reach out, and keep them up to date as the incident evolves. Share critical updates on your self-service website with customisable banners.

Real time status updates being broadcast to customers.

Keep agents and internal stakeholders informed on the latest incident status while empowering them to address customer inquiries. When an incident occurs, use a broadcast alert to notify appropriate team members in the Service Cloud console or via Slack so that they can take direct action and quickly resolve the issue. Incident teams receive timely notifications to keep up to date with the incident’s progress, and they can attach related cases right from the incident alert.

Critical incident reports being broadcast to internal teams.
Real time status updates being broadcast to customers.
Critical incident reports being broadcast to internal teams.

Accelerate time-to-value with prebuilt solutions.

With swarming built into the Service Cloud for Slack app, your teams can quickly collaborate, access CRM data, diagnose, and resolve incidents more efficiently than ever. Use out-of-the-box swarming flows to help you instantly identify the right experts and bring everyone together in a Slack channel for real-time resolution. Our native integration means your agents can participate in a swarm without ever leaving the console, and swarming data is sent back to Salesforce to ensure all incident context is captured in one place.

Setup and example of swarming with Slack.

Improve your response strategy and operational efficiency with insights on how your team is managing incidents throughout their lifecycle. Prebuilt dashboards give you a clear view into multi-customer escalations, open incidents, and key KPIs such as time to resolution.

Dashboard showing breakdown of incidents over time.
Setup and example of swarming with Slack.
Dashboard showing breakdown of incidents over time.
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Customer Service Incident Management FAQ

Customer service incident management is our customer-centric approach to helping companies address widespread disruptions and communicate to impacted customers in a streamlined and effective way — all on one platform.

Our solution helps businesses drive cost savings and customer satisfaction by ensuring everyone has visibility and access to all the incident, case, and customer data in a unified workspace so teams can rapidly troubleshoot and resolve incidents, all while keeping customer proactively updated through the process.

Look for a customer service management software that has an incident management framework built right into Service Cloud so that service and ops teams can proactively monitor and detect incidents from a unified workspace.

Customer service management software allows you to deliver connected and personalised service at scale.