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"Premier+ Success helps me push the envelope on the functionality for our business. It’s like having another administrator and developer in-house."

–Chris Kellie, Senior Salesforce System Analyst, Key Technology


Customer Profile: Key Technology

Key Technology, a leading provider of automated sorting, inspection, and conveying technologies for food processing and other industries, uses Sales Cloud to manage and support customers on six continents in over 81 countries. The company relies on Premier+ Success to assist with administration and development of complex applications its customers use to improve product quality and safety, reduce operating costs, and optimise production efficiencies.

The job of ensuring customer uptime and tailoring their solutions falls to Senior Salesforce System Analyst, Chris Kellie. He makes extensive use of dashboards to keep a pulse on customer usage and issues. Kellie also taps into administration services to automatically create formula fields or log customer service cases, which significantly enhancing customer care. Additionally, he has built automated data migration tools, created triggers for reporting, and solutions for tracking customer products—saving four or more hours weekly through code troubleshooting and other best practices assistance from developer support.

"Premier+ Success helps me push the envelope on the functionality for our business. It's like having another administrator and developer in-house,” says Kellie. “I can develop 50% faster, and we acquire a ton of savings by being able to customise in-house versus hiring outside consultants."


  • Tailor product functionality to meet precise customer needs, without the expense of hiring outside consultants
  • Develop CRM and other business productivity solutions faster
  • Provide strategic business value by focusing on what customers need most


  • Premier+ Success provides administration and developer support that allows Key Technology to serve its customers with tailored apps, and customise Salesforce to drive maximum business value.


  • Support 150 users on Sales Cloud with staff of one
  • Rely on dashboards to keep a pulse on customer usage
  • 50% faster development with developer support
  • Save thousands annually by customising Sales Cloud in-house versus hiring outside resources
  • Drive business value by creating unique applications tailored to customer needs

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Countries: Global
Industry: Manufacturing
Solution: Premier+ Success; Sales Cloud