2019 Holiday Readiness Guide

Power up and keep systems strong through the peak season.


Your Path to Optimal Holiday Performance

The race is on to implement and operate trusted systems that drive the highest shopper engagement and conversion this holiday season. With this monthly plan, you have everything you need to build stronger relationships with every transaction.



Connect disparate systems.

Integrate disparate data, APIs, and devices to fuel connected experiences.

Make mobile a priority.

Reduce friction in the mobile shopping experience with a mobile-optimised site.



Personalise at scale with AI.

Turn on personalisation across your site and messaging channels.



Improve site response times.

Focus on pages that get the most offsite traffic and optimise caching.
Implement predictive sort to ensure search results only show in-stock items.

Connect commerce and service.

Help agents create and update orders on behalf of shoppers with ease.



Engage with solution providers.

Confirm their support levels during peak holiday to achieve mutual success.



Access system status easily.

Your provider should update you on system outages or performance degradation.