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Tableau Pulse

Get personalised digests in the flow of work with the metrics and insights you need to make better business decisions fast.

CRM Analytics

Take action, faster, with visual analytics, AI-powered predictions, and out-of-the-box user experiences for CRM data, built directly into Salesforce.

Data Cloud

Unify your customer data and take action on insights in real time, enhanced with AI and automation.

Marketing Analytics

Harness and unify your data to unlock AI-driven insights that power business impact, optimise budgets, and deliver more effective marketing campaigns.

Analytics Products FAQ

Tableau and CRM Analytics are complementary analytics solutions from Salesforce. Select the right product for your organisation by determining where your users need to see their insights.

Tableau is an end-to-end analytics platform for a broad range of enterprise use cases. If you need a business intelligence or analytics solution that provides actionable analytics across all of your business functions and operations, try Tableau.

CRM Analytics is ideal for teams who need analytics and insights deeply integrated into their Salesforce CRM. If you want to augment any Salesforce Cloud with native, actionable insights in your CRM workflow, try CRM Analytics.

We are also building greater product interoperability between Tableau and CRM Analytics to provide your entire organisation with contextual, AI-powered insights and deep data exploration.

Jumpstart your analysis with Tableau Exchange—a one-stop shop for 150+ pre-built dashboard accelerators, extensions, and connectors. Increase your speed to insights with expert-built solutions across industries, departments, and applications. Explore this centralised hub to search, sort, filter, and download trusted offerings—built by Tableau and members of the Tableau Partner Network—that extend Tableau’s capabilities.

Yes, some analytics capabilities are built into the Salesforce platform. Reports and dashboards are a key Salesforce feature that give you the data you need to see the big picture and make informed business decisions. Anyone at your organisation with access to your Salesforce instance can make reports and dashboards. However, additional functionality is needed to go deeper with data exploration and predictive insights. Native to Salesforce is CRM Analytics, Revenue Intelligence, and many more intelligent apps. For an end-to-end analytics and business intelligence platform, Tableau offers better scale and flexibility across your enterprise.