A template on how Einstein generates content from a prompt.

Generative AI experiences start with a prompt.

A prompt is simply the questions we ask of AI, such as write me an customer outreach email or summarise open case information for me.

The anatomy of a Trusted AI experience. A template of how company data intergrates into CRM workflow using Einstein Trust Layer.

How do you build trusted AI experiences with prompts?

The basic questions you ask of the large-language models (LLMs) may generate impressive but unusable responses. Why? Because they are missing crucial, relevant context, which is known as grounding. In order to ensure the output is effective, you need a way to ground the prompts while keeping the data secure. Salesforce helps you enable trusted AI experiences in your own organisation by allowing you to utilise our pre-built generative AI apps, customise and enhance prompts with Prompt Builder, and create your own Copilot by combining prompts with actions.

 A Prompt Builder account merge window.

Create your own, trusted AI prompts with Prompt Builder.

Prompt Builder empowers you to enhance Salesforce out-of-the-box prompts or create your own prompt template that increases workforce productivity in the flow of work. Merge fields with CRM data securely to enrich every prompt with the proper context. Test the output generated by each prompt to achieve consistent outputs at scale.

  • Build, test and refine trusted AI prompts within the Einstein Trust Layer. Automatically detect and mask any sensitive information before sharing with a Large Language model. Limit toxicity by informing users of a toxicity score* before sharing.

* Coming soon

  • Ground AI prompts with dynamic customer data. Reference CRM record fields and replace them with actual data at runtime. Use flows to incorporate complex logic in your prompt and append the dynamic output of the flow into the prompt.
  • Incorporate the prompted responses into Salesforce record pages, email consoles, or wherever work is taking place. Define prompts for automatically creating emails grounded in CRM data. Use prompts to enable single-click actions for generating summaries and descriptions based on CRM data.
Einstein in a hot air balloon next to a meeting prep window.

Build custom Copilots with prompts and actions.

Einstein Copilot* takes AI assistance to the next level by allowing you to combine prompts with actions to build new AI skills. A skill is essentially a job that the Copilot can do, like Case Updates or Order handling. With Copilot, you don't just get answers to the questions you ask, you get autonomous actions taken on your behalf to get the job done.

*Coming soon.

Learn new skills with free, guided learning on Trailhead.

Prompts FAQ

AI prompt builders help users create and refine prompts to get quality output from an LLM. Some of the typical features include the ability to write instructions, provide grounding data, configure LLM parameters, and test the prompt against an LLM. Salesforce's Prompt Builder uniquely secures user data, allows customers to build trusted prompts using clicks, and grounds the prompts with relevant CRM data.

In order to create an effective AI prompt, users need to provide the LLMs with a set of instructions AND relevant data for the LLMs to generate quality results. Some LLMs come with specific parameter settings that you can leverage to further enhance the prompt.

A prompt template is a reusable prompt. Prompt templates include placeholders for specific details about customers, products, and more. And once those placeholders are filled with real, relevant data, the filled out prompt template allows generation of truly personalised results. Prompt templates help businesses generate unique, natural reading, data-driven output, in turn boosting productivity.