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Sales Trail

Trailblazers can be anyone who blazes new paths towards success. They are future-focused, empowered, and optimistic – blazing trails across organisations, leading the way toward transforming businesses.

Trailblazers ask the tough questions and find solutions. Questions like: how do I attract the right talent? How do I keep reps productive? How can I win every deal?

You need one customisable view to sell faster and smarter than ever before. You need to fast track high quality leads, personalise the quote, accelerate pipeline, automate processes and predict the next deal.

You need to optimise the process, connect reps in moments that matter and preempt your customers' needs. Win every sales moment with the world’s #1 CRM.

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Find out how a complete CRM like Salesforce can transform your business.

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Service Trail

Today’s connected customers expect service to be as instant and easy as their personal conversations. Empower everyone to deliver personalised service across every channel.

With Salesforce, companies are able to differentiate with service on a flexible, complete CRM platform. Empowering customers with self service communities and agents in the field, on any channel.

Streamline your customer experience across the business and delight customers with every interaction.

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Learn 8 simple steps to better customer satisfaction.

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Marketing Trail

Marketing becomes more intelligent and predictive with the only completely integrated tool set for marketers. Now it's even easier to do what matters most; nurture happy customers, drive pipeline, sales and the company’s bottom line. With Salesforce you deliver one connected customer experience, personalised at every interaction and connected on any device. Take your customer from awareness to advocacy with 1:1 personalised journeys and help marketers move faster than ever before.

With Salesforce you make every interaction a reason to love your brand.

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Find out how to power up your marketing with the smartest CRM!

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IT Trail

Top IT leaders work with a secure, scalable platform that enables employees to be more productive, work faster and have access to intelligence anywhere, anytime.

With Salesforce you empower the business with complete CRM. Departments access trusted information and deliver a single customer experience. You foster innovation with a platform that integrates customer, business and partner data and helps you move as fast as you want.

Give employees the predictions and insights they need with customisable pre-built apps or quickly build your own with clicks or code.

Deliver agility, speed, and innovation on the #1 trusted customer success platform.

Find out how to make employees faster, smarter and more productive

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Learn the 4 ways IT Trailblazers are finding new paths to success

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Small Business Trail

Small businesses start with a passion, a vision. With Trailblazers at the wheel, today’s small businesses can engage customers in direct and personal ways. Those that take advantage have a distinct competitive advantage.

Imagine finding more leads, increasing revenue, improving customer satisfaction and working smarter than ever. With the world’s #1 CRM it's possible.

Find the right customers by personalising your interactions. Win every customer by selling faster, anywhere. Keep customers happy by servicing on any channel. Connect everything you do by running your business on one platform.

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