Meet Cambell Holt.

With Salesforce, we’re putting the customer at the centre of everything we do. It’s redefining our customer experience and increasing value.

Cambell Holt

Chief Customer Officer

Mercer blazes trail from super admin to super engagement.

In the race to reimagine superannuation services, global consulting and financial services firm Mercer is leading a shift from the age of administration to the era of engagement. Recognising the tremendous opportunity to redefine the customer experience, the firm launched a three-year transformation program across its financial services business in the Pacific.

Salesforce is driving Mercer’s transformation and powering new personalised, contextualised customer experiences.

Cambell Holt, Chief Customer Officer at Mercer, said the company was setting a new standard in an industry traditionally focused on efficiency and lowest cost-to-serve. “With Salesforce, we’re taking everything we do and putting the customer at the centre. It’s redefining our customer experience and increasing value,” said Holt.

For decades, a real competitive tension was missing in Australia’s now 2.1 trillion dollar superannuation industry. The seeds of change were sown when Australian workers were given the option to choose their own superannuation provider, opening the door to today’s era of competition and disruption.

The biggest threat comes from competitors still unknown, with technology lowering the barriers to entry in this fast-growing market. That’s why Mercer is blazing a new trail to take the lead when it comes to the customer experience.

“We knew that to survive and thrive we needed to be brave and do things differently. We also needed to invest in the right people and technologies to get the job done,” said Holt.

Mercer extended its partnership with Salesforce for a single system Holt describes as the “beating heart” of its marketing and customer experience effort. It’s also leveraging apps and ISV support from the Salesforce community.

Salesforce’s integrated digital marketing platform has changed the way that Mercer connects with its customers across the spectrum – from workforce new entrants to those on the cusp of retirement. It’s given Mercer’s Pacific marketing team the keys to unlock data, and clever tools to make customers feel valued and engaged. The team today is also extremely quick on its feet. Where once it took months to plan, execute, and measure marketing campaigns, today it takes hours and days.

“An exciting outcome of this transformation is that our people are developing new skills fundamental to the future of marketing. They are blazing their own trails for success career-wise,” said Holt.

Holt singles out Salesforce for what he calls “automated campaign interventions” – where data and predictive analytics automate campaign experience. He said conversations were “richer” when grounded in data and the associated customer insight, and had in some cases boosted sales conversion by more than 40%.

Mercer’s seismic shift in people, process and technology is also enabling it to deliver personalised, contextualised campaigns 365 days a year. The marketing and customer experience activities are providing triple digit returns.

“Salesforce has transformed the way we convert consumer insight to consumer action,” Holt said. “Now we create immediate engagement and capture all the action that follows.”

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