The Fun way to learn Salesforce

Salesforce is a community of Trailblazers, pioneers, and innovators who do more than anyone thought possible.

As one of the largest most passionate communities of 2.3million + people, partners, and developers, we are all brought together and driven by a common goal: blazing a trail for, and right alongside, our customers.

Through our success community, you can get answers to your questions about Salesforce and learn from knowledgeable Salesforce customers, partners and employees.

And then there’s Trailhead the fun way to learn salesforce. An interactive learning path which tests your knowledge while earning points and badges to celebrate your achievements.

Through our ecosystem, millions of our customers have become Customer Trailblazers within their organisations. Salesforce customers change their own lives and the lives of those around them. And, as a company, we’re inspired every day by the people who take control of their futures with Salesforce.

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