Great video here with Salesforce COO, George Hu, and Jennifer Trzepacz, VP of HR at Living Social talking about Rypple Performance Management at Cloudforce San Francisco.  If you're looking at new ways of measuring employee performance, take a look at Rypple.  It's the antidote to the dreaded performance review.

Transcript of George Hu's portion of the video is below:

I am incredibly excited to be here today.Today is a great day for, for customers, but most importantly,it's a great day for every employee at customers around the world, because, you see, today we're launching a brand new product,Salesforce Rypple.That represents our first step in revolutionizing HR applications for the social enterprise.Now, when we thought about entering the HR space, we didn't ask ourselves, how do we take that old HR software and just move it into the cloud.I think we all know that that old software was fundamentally designed for HR managers, not for employees. It was built -- it assumed hierarchicalcommand and controlled structures that fundamentally don't represent the way that today's workforce wants to work.So we asked ourselves a better, more interesting question.We asked ourselves, if work is social -- if working together, fundamentally, is a socialactivity -- if work is social, why can't our HR applications be social? Why can't our HR applications be as collaborative as Facebook? As transparentas Twitter? And as engaging and as fun as the best social games, like CityVille, and if we could do that, we could take HR applications from beingsystems that just tracked employee information to being weapons to really transform our cultures and take our performance to a new level.And that's why we're so excited to introduce Salesforce Rypple today. Salesforce Rypple is performance management for the social enterprise.Now, you may be wondering why did we start with performance management? Yes, managing and motivating and aligning our employees ismaybe the most important job for a management team. Yes, it's a natural extension of what we're doing with Chatter and the employee socialnetwork.But most importantly, when we talk to people all around the world, they tell us that performance management is fundamentally broken. It has tobe the most hated process, performance reviews, in the entire enterprise today. How many of you out there like doing a performance review ifyou're an employer manager? The three people that raised your hand -- we have a special session for you out there.

No, the sad reality -- the inconvenient truth of performance management is that most of these tools have not been deployed to manage performance at all -- or motivate performance.They've been deployed for that managed compliance.That's the sad truth, and I think we all know that, and I think that we, at, believe we can do better -- that we owe our employees,we owe our companies more, and Salesforce Rypple today is going to turn that whole paradigm upside down. It's not about being bureaucratic.It's about being social. It's organic. It's bottoms up, just like Facebook. It's not political. It's transparent.When all the information is out there in thetool, it becomes truly about performance, not about politics.And finally, employees can't wait around once a year to get a performance review.That's too slow. Instead, Salesforce Rypple delivers that feedbackin real-time, and I think there's no better story to inspire us, to engage, to show us the power and the potential of Salesforce Rypple than LivingSocial.LivingSocial is a fantastic company.It's a leader in the fast moving and highly competitive world of daily deals, and not only do they already have 5,000 employees, they're adding over150 employees a month. At that pace of change, you can't wait around one year for an employee -- for a performance review. It doesn't make anysense.And more importantly, LivingSocial wants to embody its name and its culture to every employee. They want their employees to live social. Theywant their employees to have social tools and be motivated, inspired, and collaborate every day.And to show you the potential of that -- to show you what it would look like for LivingSocial, I want to kind of welcome Dan Darcy, my partner incrime, to kind of show you a brief demonstration. It's the world premier of Salesforce Rypple.And the first thing you'll notice when you look at it is this does not look like any performance management tool we've ever seen.This looks morelike Facebook. It's got a feed in the middle. It's got your friends on the left, except this case, they're your colleagues. And, for the first time everinside a Salesforce application, we have badges.We've got the idea of social games. The best practices from social games are right inside theapplication. In fact, these are some of the real badges used by LivingSocial today in its deployment of Salesforce Rypple.Now, if I'm an account executive, one of the badges I really want is the coveted turkey and gravy badge.This is a -- so, the turkey and gravy badgeis a very important badge. It means I've made my number now for three quarters in a row.Very, very exciting.Right next to it, you have the supreme surprise and delight badge, which is the most coveted badge at LivingSocial. It's given out only by -- a selectnumber of people can give out this badge, and it's the most coveted badge in the company. Now let's say, me, as the account executive, I want torecognize someone that has helped me do a great job. This person has helped me sign a new merchant, something that happens every day atLivingSocial, and I want to thank Jamie for helping me do this.Now, in the old world, this probably would have never made it out to a performance review. And maybe I would have sent Jamie an email, andmaybe she would have felt good about it, but in Salesforce Rypple, it's totally different. I can give her a badge, and the badge I want to give her isthe supreme surprise -- excuse me -- is the under the radar badge.This is one of their real badges. It's the under the radar badge.And when I give her this badge, and I say thanks for winning a new merchant, not only does Jamie see it, but the entire company sees it. ImagineJamie's excitement when she sees that Michael recognizes that she did a great job. Rachel knows she did a great job. Her boss knows she did agreat job.This is not performance management like we've ever seen it.This is really performance motivation.This is exciting. And if I want to give Jamie somefeedback -- if I want to let her know, basically, that I have some constructive feedback for her, I can do that as well. I can offer her feedback. I canrequest feedback. It's all transparent. It's all in the system.This really makes it a social process, not a political process.This is very different. It turnsthe whole paradigm on its head.

Now, I want to show you another exciting part of Salesforce Rypple, which is really about goals and objectives.The most important priority as anexecutive is to get my employees motivated and aligned and on the right path. And the great thing about Salesforce Rypple is that not only can Icreate goals and objectives for my team, but the process can come bottoms up. Anyone in the company can start a movement -- just like we sawwith the Kony 2012 video, anyone from the grassroots level can start a movement.Now, Jenny Anderson is not the CEO of LivingSocial. She's a recruiter, and she wants to create a movement to get people to refer friends for jobsat LivingSocial. So she's created this objective -- let's click on that, Dan. And when she clicks on it, you'll see that, already, six people have listed thisas their top objective, 44 have committed to help the cause to refer five friends into LivingSocial.This is how they're going to hit their 150 employees recruited a month, and she's picked a very special badge for this -- again, another real LivingSocial badge.This is the all hands on deck badge.This is something that they use to say they send a signal flare.This is important, and we're someonethat is really out there to really get the accomplishments and the objectives of the company done, and you get this special badge if you do that.Very exciting.Now, if you're out there, you're using the sales cloud, you're using the service cloud, you're using Chatter, you think, this is fantastic. I want it. I wantit, but I want it integrated with what I'm doing today. So, let's -- Dan, let's show them that. Let's show them the sales cloud, which you all know andlove. Here is the deal tab for LivingSocial, and you can see here a new button, Rypple Thanks.So, if I want to thank Jamie for that great work she's done, I can do that right inside the application. Again, I can give her that under the radar badge.I can give her the thanks. I can post it.The difference is now. It doesn't just show up in a Rypple feed. It shows up in Chatter. It shows up in the mainfeed. And because it shows up in Chatter and because Chatter, of course, is part of the social enterprise -- it's social, it's mobile -- it shows upeverywhere Chatter is.So, if I want to show it on my iPhone, my iPad, my Android, my Blackberry, everywhere I am, it is there. And if I want to access the entire Ryppleapplication, I can do that from inside the application as well. Let's go click on that tab, Dan, and show them Rypple -- the full Rypple applicationright inside this. This is coming in April.We're very excited about this. And this is really something, I think, is really going to transform the way wedo our work. It's cloud. It's social and mobile. It's the next generation of work for the social enterprise -- Salesforce Rypple.