They say that if a shark stops swimming, it dies.  Apparently it's only half true, but it's an intertesting analogy for the process of innovation.  If an economy stops innovating, does it die?

One of the highlights of this year's #cloudforce will be the ZDNet Conference Watch: Innovation Panel.  The last break-out of the day, the panel will see the assembly of some great thinkers who will put their heads together to come to grips the big questions around Innovation in Australia.  The panel will be streamed live here and will be hosted by ABC's James O'Loghlin, presenter of "New Inventors". 

The topic actually emerged in response to a story on ZDNet about an entrepreneur parking a cruise liner off the coast of Silicon Valley to help non-US residents capitalise on all the funding, talent and expertise to be found in Silicon Valley and The Bay Area.  Eight Australian entrepreneurs have booked births in this boat; and you have to ask - why?  Why not Australia?

The panel includes:

  • Parker Harris, co-founder and EVP of technology.  
  • Angela Clark, Director of Innovation at the ABC
  • Mick Liubinskas, co-founder of incubator Pollenizer
  • Remo Giuffre, creative strategist and TEDxSydney licensee
  • Scott Shaw, Director of Technology, Australia at Thoughtworks was dubbed "Most Innovative Company" in the world by Forbes magazine last year, so Parker understands a thing or two about the topic. All the other panel members are equally expert in the business of idea generation and development, entrepreneurism and creative endeavour.

This will be an interactive Q&A-style panel, and James will be taking questions from the floor and from Twitter.  So if you cannot attend in person - and if so register here - then be sure to ask a question in advance using the panel hashtag: #CFinnovate - and then watch the ZDNet Webcast and follow the debate on the day!  (The webcast will also be available on the same page soon after as an on-demand video.)

** Updated 20 June 2012 **

Here is a recording of the panel discussion itself: enjoy, and then read @derektweets thoughts on it.