The partner ecosystem is crucial to the community.  From partners who deploy our solution for customers, consult on architecture and strategy to those who develop and innovate solutions on the Heroku or platforms - or even deploy apps on the AppExchange marketplace - all of these companies add crucial value to the offering.  

As the song says, we get by with a little help from [our] friends... 

So it's no surprise that Cloudforce Sydney is that story writ large.  In total 34 of our partners are exhibiting in some fashion or taking part in other ways.  In many ways Cloudforce is more of an industry show than a conference - a one stop shop for the best in cloud solutions.  

Some will even be breaking news, among them ProQuest, Cloud Coach and Bizlinc in particular for that. Hint: there could be some free fisbees about!

Theaterette Sessions

All 34 partners will exhibit in the Expo which will assemble many of the most innovative cloud solutions available in Australia.  Within that, our Platinum-sponsoring partners will be giving presentations in the Theaterette through the lunch break, kicking off with Accenture at 12pm right after the keynote, followed by:

  • Sqwarepeg at 12.15pm: "Integrate. Automate. Communicate. How to achieve a 360 degree Customer view leveraging Cloud technology"
  • Marketo at 12.30pm: "Supercharge Your Sales and Marketing with Social Marketing Automation
  • System Partners at 12.45pm: "How Allianz is transforming business using Salesforce "
  • Davanti at 1.00pm: "Victim Support Leverages Service and Chatter For Social Gains"
  • Cloud Sherpas at 1.15pm: "Cloud Sherpas helps Australia’s largest handyman franchise take their business to the #NextAltitude."
  • Velteo at 1.30pm: "Fieldforce automation with Nomad"
  • Coretec Solutions at 1.45pm: "Identify root causes early with Foresight Alerts for Salesforce Cases"
  • App Extremes at 4.15pm: "Conga Composer: Quotes, Proposals, Account  Plans and More!"

So if you haven't already, register here for free and join the more than 4,400 who already have!

Something that makes Dreamforce such an exciting event are all the After Parties that kick off after the day's content, and Cloudforce Sydney will be no different.  Tweet your party details to @mrgareth using the #cloudforce hashtag and we'll collate together all your party choices next week.