Are you a non-profit or non-government organisation? Can you do more with your online presence?

Recently I joined up Arttu Sipila and our Salesforce Foundation team to look at 6 key ways you can use social to achieve your mission.  We look at some examples from Sydney Homeless Connect, Red Cross, the Leukemia foundation and are joined by Chris Burgess from The Lost Dogs Home.

For an introduction or to benchmark your strategy, this is a valuable resource.  Slides are on slideshare.  

Broadly speaking, Arttu talks about the fact that while some 89 per cent of of not-for-profits (NFPs) have a Facebook presence and 70 per cent are active on Twitter; its very important to recognise that the focus is all too often merely on themselves.  In order to go to the next level NFPs need to cast their net far wider and use social media tools to monitor and engage with the wider NFP  community - the entire industry, all volunteers, even "competitors".  By taking this far broader approach, NFPs can benefit from the following key use cases to achieve their objectives - use cases which I go into more detail about in the short 30 minute webinar below.  

  1. Foster a community
  2. Recruit Volunteers
  3. Engage to fundarise
  4. Promote events
  5. Connect with the like minded
  6. Achieve your mission

 So if you're in the not-for-profit sector and struggle to come to grips with the way social can work for your organisation, I urge you to take the time to listen to what Andrew, Arttu and myself have to say on this and if you've any questions, please ping me on Twitter at @derektweets or email me at dlaney at salesforce dot com.

To find out more, there are more resources about how to harness Social media in the NFP sector here.