Hi there – we’re so glad you want to find out what we’re all about. This is a fairly old article and, let’s be honest, we’ve changed so much over the past few years! There’s an updated version here – happy reading!

To be clear: this is MY (current) Top 10. There are so many things that Salesforce offers above and beyond CRM, that it's important to highlight sometimes just how broad our offering is.

On the back of Cloudforce events in Brisbane, Melbourne and Auckland, here is a quick pick of the Top 10 and relevant links (in no particular order):

1. Create Marketing websites

  • Site.com offers a rapid easy site builder, integrated into your Salesforce data

2. Increase win rates with Social Competitive Intelligence

  • Salesforce Chatter allows you to crowd source the latest competitive intelligence. Chatter then empowers all your sales team by allowing that information to be used in each and every deal.

3. Understand your business better with Forecasting

4. Replace legacy applications and consolidate your IT landscape

  • Use the Force.com platform to rationalise you applications such as MS Access, Lotus Notes and Excel spreadsheets.

5. Bring your company with you wherever you are

  • Salesforce1 Mobile means any changes or customisation you make to Salesforce are instantly available on mobile devices like the Applie iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and Android tablets!

6. Improve Customer Service with Self-Service and improved deflection in any channel

  • Desk.com and Service Cloud allow businesses of any size to serve customers online, by phone, email, and social channels

7. Download an app from the AppExchange

8. Align everyone on your business with Work.com

  • World's first Social Performance Managment platform

9. Super-simple Activity logging

10. And # 10?...well there are so many to choose from. What would YOUR  #10 thing you can do with Salesforce be? Please add in the comments section below! 


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