Ask an innovator about what they’re doing and the answer comes back with such passion and energy – I’m always awestruck by those conversations.

A recent exchange with Dave Adler, Chief Commercial Officer of Smartsalary, was no different. Listening to Dave outline the company’s vision for making car buying social, the sentence that stayed with me was:

 Why shouldn’t buying a car be as easy as ordering a pizza?

And for Smartsalary, that’s exactly why business is social. Because we, the digital generation, want to be able to complete major transactions without any stress, from the comfort of our home, office, or table at the local café. is a great example of the result.  It’s an online car-buying service from Smartsalary, and the premise is simple: visit the website, choose a car and sit back as dealers compete for your business with their best offers. Like ordering a pizza, you pick exactly what you want - you can even add additional toppings, like roof racks and window tinting, or throw in a side order of insurance while you’re at it! And once you’ve placed your order, you can track your purchase until it’s in your hands, without having to leave your chair.   

As someone with very little motivation to decode the secret of getting a great deal on a car, I really like the thought of people falling over themselves to bring me their best offer!

Salesforce partner ProQuest Consulting was the company that translated technology into business goals, and provided an end-to-end deployment of Salesforce applications to help Smartsalary realise its social vision. “This has completely transformed the way Smartsalary works and collaborates as an organisation,” said Steve Sacks, COO of ProQuest.

ProQuest, who recently became a Platinum Partner, was one of the recipients of this year’s Partner Innovation Award at Dreamforce 2012, based on the work it has done with Smartsalary. 



What else in your life would you like to make as easy as ordering a pizza?