I am an Industrial Designer by education and a Digital Marketer by profession. I completed my Bachelor of Industrial Design degree at UNSW back in 1998 and the course taught me so much about design theory, design thinking and color theory.

My first job was in a marketing department where I was in charge of developing branding guidlines, logos, packaging, marketing collaterals (pens, mouse pads...) then I moved onto the website. I was hired for my design skills and I had a lot of fun with colour, materials, working with designers etc.

I presented at SMX Sydney last week and as I was nervously sitting in the crowd counting down the minutes before I was going to take to the stage. I listened to the person who was presenting before me, Dante Botha from ConversionsAdvantage.com.au. He gave an excellent presentation on "Successful Landing Page Design".  He put up a slide that had an amazing illustration that showed a rainbow of colours linked to emotion and how certain brands that leveraged this.

The illustration was from a blog post by Simon McArdle of The Logo Company (@TheLogoCompany)  titled: The Psychology of Color in Logo Design. Here is the illustration below:

Color Emotion Guide22 Psychology Of Color In Logo Design


An infographic by the team at The Logo Company

Salesforce is primarily focussed on "Trust", so it's great to see our logo has a lot of blue tones in it and this is supported by the Colour Emotion Guide above.


So if you are in the process of creating a new logo for your business or redesigning your website, don't just wing it, please consider colour psychology and emotion.

I hope this post and illustration helps you with your color choice for your next logo and/or web design project.