Life as a Marketing Professional comes with its own special issues, such as not enough time or resource to meet the business demands.

This year, at the at CeBIT event, we have focused much of the content around the convergence of marketing and technology.

Check out list of our top 9 reasons marketers should Register and attend at CeBIT on the 28th of May:

1. Marketing Keynote: Reaching the Connected Customer 
Are Australian brands doing enough to reach an increasingly mobile connected customer? With 12 million Australians each month, 1 billion globally, 60% returning daily, and 68% on mobile, its clear Facebook is part of daily Australian life. Helen Crossley believes brands can do more to unlock value and shares key tips for driving business results and measuring success beyond engagement. Commonwealth Bank are one of the most successful brands in social in Australia; hear what they have learned about listening and becoming effective and connected publishers.
(SCEC Parkside Auditorium 4.00pm)

2:  CeBIT Plenary Hear from the brains behind Obama’s campaign Harper Reed. Opening address by PM Julia Gillard (The Star Ballroom 8.30am)

3: Customer Company Keynote
Learn how to become a customer company, a walk through the main technology questions facing business in applying technology to connect with customers (The Star Ballroom 10.30am)

4. 7 Secrets to Successful Search Marketing for SMBs
Small businesses can use search engines to get in front of more customers and prospects than ever before. Tips from’s search pro Mark Vozzo (SCEC Parkside Ballroom B 1.00pm). Here is more information about this Search Tips breakout session at CeBIT.

5. Marketing Cloud: How to Create a Customer Connection Engine Room
Do you need a social media command centre to connect with customers? Derek Laney talks to Lorna Jane about building relationships and reviews NAB’s recent social listening efforts. (SCEC Bayside 204 2.00pm)

6. The Power of Social Media Marketing: Not Just for the Big Brands
Do you think social media is just for experts, ninjas and guys with coloured socks? We’ll show you how social media gives every business the opportunity to accelerate growth, expand reach and build strong customer relationships (SCEC Parkside Ballroom B 3.00pm)

7. Marketing on Campground
See demonstrations and discuss product with marketing cloud experts, visit marketing partners in the salesforce ecosystem (SCEC Expo Hall #4 ALL DAY 28-30 May)

8. Social Media Command Centre
The hub of social media for CeBIT, see a live example of a social media engagement team with cool visualisations! The social heart of CeBIT (SCEC Expo Hall #6 ALL DAY 28-30 May)

9. Australia 10th Year Anniversary Party  and secret live music act (invitation only - the Star Ballroom 7.00pm)

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