I manage the Paid Search (SEM) programs here at Salesforce.com across  APAC. We have a sweet setup and I can see all the leads and pipeline my SEM programs are generated down to keyword level.

I recently presented SEM+CRM=ROI Heaven: A behind the scenes look at how salesforce.com optimises Paid Search, at Australia's premiere Search Conference - SMX Sydney. In my presentation I show how I manage and track +60,000 keywords across Asia Pacific using data from Google, Baidu, Yahoo, Bing, coupled with Salesforce CRM and optimised for ROI using Marin Software

We have quite a complex setup here at salesforce.com, but it's amazing to be able to see which keywords are delivering the most leads and pipeline into our business.

Below are some applications available on our Salesforce AppExchange to help you get Google Adwords data in Salesforce analytics reports and dashboards.

Google Adwords Apps for Salesforce

The following are a few of the tools I came across that connects your Google Adwords account to Salesforce so you can measure leads from Paid Search (PPC) Campaigns.

Please note they vary in terms of features, ease of setup and scalability and are not in any particular order of preference.



Bizible Marketing Analytics - Google Adwords Integration for Salesforce

  • Connect Adwords to Salesforce in 5 mins. 
  • Smart Adwords Update automatically tracks new and existing ads. 
  • Express Lead Sync matches Adwords data to records in seconds.

For more inforSee AppExchange Listing 
Cost: $69 USD per company/mth  




Cloudamp - Campaign Tracker for Google Adwords & Analytics

  • Track Google Adwords results into Salesforce leads
  • Works with any online advertising via Campaign tags
  • Includes Organic Search, Referrals, Direct tracking
  • Easy install, no changes needed to Web-to-Lead forms

For more info see AppExchange Listing
Cost: $49 USD per company/mth




Daddy Analytics - Track Google Adwords

  • Daddy Analytics track Google Adwords, and integrate with all web forms and all web sites. 
  • 30 Day Free Trial available, which includes a free provisioning session to help you get setup.

For more info see AppExchange Listing
Cost: $75 USD per company/mth 

Want more information? 

I'd reach out to our AppExchange partners directly for more information on the different solutions, features and benefits. The easiest way is to click on the "Provider" tab in AppExchange and there will be links to Website and Email (or you could call).


If you are currently using one of the solutions above and would like to provide some feedback to help other customers, please comment below.


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