Having worked at Salesforce for nearly seven years, I have seen my fair share of salesforce.com events – everything from small luncheons to city tours to the full on Dreamforce blow-out. But I have to make a confession. I don’t think I have ever been as excited about an event as I am about the upcoming Salesforce.com at CeBIT event.

Australian companies across every industry are doing amazing things with salesforce.com as customer companies. And as a consumer myself, I cannot wait to see how some of my favorite companies are going to connect with me better.

Here are the top ten reasons I am excited about attending Salesforce.com at CeBIT:

  1. Vivek Kundra is giving the keynote! Kicking off the whole event will be Vivek Kundra, former CIO of the US and current EVP of emerging markets at salesforce.com. 
  2. Lorna Jane will be on stage! Since moving to Australia, I have had the pleasure of discovering the Lorna Jane brand and I am excited to see how the company has leveraged the Marketing Cloud to listen to their customers and improve their products.  
  3. Peter Coffee pre-show! I have been a long time fan of Peter Coffee, he is quite literally one of the smartest people I have ever met. I mean how many people do you know has been a reporter, worked for the Aerospace Corporation and can explain Java programming in language that even my mom can understand? Peter will be interviewing customers and industry thought leaders immediately before the Salesforce.com keynote.  
  4. Cloud Bar! We all know how crazy these types of conferences can be, sometimes you just need a minute to absorb it all. I can’t wait to drink a coffee, charge my phone and catch-up with my fellow Salesforce.com at CeBIT attendees than at the Cloud Bar in the Cloud Expo.  
  5. Customers, Customers, Customers! One of my favorite parts of working at salesforce.com is talking to our customers. What they are able to accomplish with salesforce.com is always inspiring. Salesforce.com at CeBIT will give me plenty of opportunities to hear from customers firsthand what they are doing to transform their business.  
  6. Australian Women in Business and Technology breakout! I am really excited to see a panel of dynamic female leaders, including Lisa Messenger and Dr. Catriona Wallace, discuss how women can succeed and if the “Lean In” concept from Sheryl Sandberg is relevant/needed in Australia.  
  7. Social Media Command Centre! I literally cannot get enough of my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and any other social media channels I can get my hands on, so its not surprising that I cannot wait to see what the attendees of CeBIT are going to be talking about at the big event. Huge HD screens and a full staff of social media gurus will all be running on the Marketing Cloud to capture the buzz at the conference.  
  8. Cloud Expo! Seriously, how can you not be excited about the Expo? Representing the largest booth space at CeBIT with more than 30 partners, a Cloud Theatre and a social media lounge – the Cloud Expo will be the place to be at CeBIT!  
  9. Networking! There is nothing better than meeting new people that inspire me to transform myself, my team and my company to be better. And Salesforce.com at CeBIT is going to have heaps of amazing people to learn from. 
  10. Saasy! I have never missed an opportunity to take my picture with Saasy, and you shouldn’t either. Saasy will be making appearances throughout Salesforce.com at CeBIT, so be sure to have your camera and the perfect pose ready!

What about you? What are you excited to see at Salesforce.com at CeBIT? Use the comments below to let me know what you are most looking forward to. 

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