We installed a web-cam in the exhibition hall pointed at the CeBIT Social Media Command Centre (Click here for the infographic) to stream to the main Salesforce.com at CeBIT exhibition space, we had a few 'photobombers' - here's our top seven from the event!

"I love you SaaSy" 


"Salesforce.com Pro-Peace" 

Untitled 34

"Oh look, a camera!" 

Untitled 84

"Why won't someone hug SaaSy??" 

Untitled 192

SaaSy Group Hug Love

Untitled 194

"Too cool for school" 

Untitled 224

"Yep, I'm wearing a kilt" - The team from the Vimily stand

Untitled 204


Make sure you check out the Salesforce.com at CeBIT Infographic filled with social media stats from the event.