Humour me for a moment. Describe your office facilities in one word. Was that word ‘Inspirational?’

The ability to work from home is an increasingly important feature of an employee value proposition, but for many people, for the foreseeable future, it will continue to make sense to spend most of their time in the office.

I am fortunate enough to work for the world’s most innovative company (according to Forbes magazine in 2011, 2012 and 2013) and a Top 5 Best Place to Work in Australia (BRW, 2013). We get the basics around employee engagement right. That’s a given.

We pay well, we have incredible benefits (including the ability to expense gym fees and protein powder!), transparency is part of our DNA and our leadership is inspirational, but this post is about the environment we have created for our employees.

I just returned from a great conference (LinkedIn Talent Connect) in Las Vegas and do you know what struck me as I got back to the Sydney office? It felt like I was coming home.

There are smiley people I know and enjoy spending time with, snacks and drinks that I like in the kitchens, vibrant colours, comfortable chairs, Kit Kat Fridays, the list goes on.

Which made me wonder:

How many other companies put as much effort into providing their employees with a consistently uplifting environment?

How much effort does your company put into the paint scheme ( has a specially designed palette of more than 100 bold colours, 40 of which are chosen for each office space), the ergonomic (and very comfortable!) nature of the desks and chairs, the availability of a privacy room, PlayStation, coffee machines, the choice of healthy snacks and drinks  - premium unsalted nuts with your fruit and sparkling water, anyone?

Does your office reception contain any imported Hawaiian furniture that ties together every global location?

How good is the natural light and the view from your office buildings, how upmarket are the buildings View that contain the offices, and how accessible and convenient are the locations of offices?

At salesforce we want our employees to be successful and we go to a lot of trouble to provide them with the environment, as well as the tools, to do so.

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