Creating a great Twitter profile is a lot like preparing you property for it's first open house inspection. You'll want to impress visitors with your front yard to draw them in, fill the rooms with great looking furnishings and accessories that sell the space to prospects and passers by.
It's so important to create a detailed, engaging Twitter profile because customers and prospects will only spend seconds deciding whether they should read on or move on, after all, it's your social brand. This should resonate on all levels, whether you're a Fortune 500 CEO or a start up running on a shoestring budget. Twitter is an amazing platform for people to stay social because you don't have to spend anything to drive results, and most tools out there offer a free demo use that will cover most of your needs in the short term. And if you're running with a larger budget, there are a swath of tools and solutions that allow you to drive your branding across multiple social platforms enabling higher engagement.
Back to our open house analogy, once you've got your property looking great and ready for those prospects to view, it's time to start letting them know why they should take a contract. A social conversation, whether it's brand or individual specific is worthless if your Twitter profile is incomplete, leaving your messaging to fall on deaf ears. Let's say that your profile is now looking amazing, what's your message, what value are you offering to your current and prospective followers?
You've only got 140 characters to work with, so how hard can it be to write the perfect tweet? It seems pretty simple right? Wrong, unfortunately, but that's what many marketers and their management think it works. With such a little space to create value, and drive interest perfection is not so easy to accomplish. Something like 80% of B2B companies using Twitter have no idea if their tweets are actually driving business or hurting the brand. And the consequences can range from leaving an opportunity on the table by under-reaching or under-engaging with your current and potential audience, to having your brand taken over such as with the case last year with Burger King. 
Don't worry too much though, to write the perfect tweet you need to connect your business goal with your social content delivery. So, in other words you might know a lot about a subject connected with your business and want to drive thought leadership and engagement. You need to consider what your social media goal is; most fall into one of these categories:
- Amplify. You need to amplify your story with tweets.
- Engage. You need people to read, comment or pass the message on to others.
- Convert. You need readers to complete some conversion-related activity, such as a click to visit a registration page or key destination page.
When your ready to write that tweet ask yourself, or a friend or colleague:
- Is it interesting and readable?
- Is it interesting enough to click?
- Is it compelling and build to be retweeted?
Following these guidelines should keep you out of trouble and more importantly, on message. 
photo credit:  TarikB via photopin cc