Five days a week, forty weeks a year I work in St Martins Youth Art Centre brimming with kids’ aged 3 – 18, making theatre.  A huge amount of behind the scenes work is needed to provide over 16,000 arts opportunities for these young people every year. Theatre is a collaborative art form and St Martins Youth Art Centre is a member based organisation, so our people are our power, which is where adopting comes in.

The whole process of adopting Salesforce1 Sales Cloud took about a year and we had some great people to help us.  We worked with Matt Watson and Kim Davies from Salesforce Services for customisation and Clouding Around for integration. Here’s how implementing has helped us change the game in youth theatre.

Since Implementing Salesforce1 Sales Cloud

St. Martins Youth Art Centre has: 

  1. Increased member participation and revenue by 185% over the last 2 years.

  2. Saved 30% of our marketing budget by going paper free for our workshops marketing.

  3. Landed our first multi-year core grant from a philanthropic trust.  This is huge for us as it has paid for us to use to run a three year scholarship program for children from disadvantaged backgrounds.   In our first year, children from low income backgrounds now make 22% of our members.  This is three times more than before implementation!

  4. Attracted and maintained new donors through better analytics and reporting.  

  5. Improved our customer service because we now communicate with our parents, not about payment, but about the experiences and discoveries of their child engaging in creative process.  

Most importantly we now get to spend more time with our members, audiences and artists. After all that’s what creatives do best! 

Clare Carmody
Executive Producer, St Martins Youth Arts Centre

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