Being an agile small and medium business means being able to run your business from anywhere whether you are using an Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Android mobile phone or Android  tablet.  The Salesforce1 mobile app allows you to run your business on the go by enabling you to access your customer information, create opportunities, collaborate with your team, open important files and providing you with a real-time view of your business with dashboards.

We are living in a whole new world that requires new tools and applications.  Below are some must have apps on the Salesforce AppExchange that are Salesforce1 ready that allow you to extend the functionality of the Salesforce1 mobile app to close more and  grow your small and medium business.

1. DocuSign for Salesforce

Docusign for Salesforce allows your teams to send documents for signature or sign in person from an Apple iPad from within the Salesforce1 mobile app. Collect signatures anytime, anywhere, on any device.  The click of an action button launches DocuSign, allowing users to access the full power of DocuSign for Salesforce1 on the go.  Users can easily access DocuSign features on their mobile device to send documents for signature, check document status and more.

2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Salesforce

LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Salesforce is available for customers who use Sales Navigator for Salesforce.  LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Salesforce1 provides a powerful addition to the platform by allowing access to LinkedIn right insides the mobile CRM system through quick and easy actions.

3. Dealmaker Smart Opportunity Manager

DealmakerDealmaker Smart Opportunity Manager provides advanced opportunity management for sales teams. Dealmaker recommends the best competitive strategy for each deal. The Political Map helps build relationships and skillfully navigate the buyer's organisation. Dealmaker also provides better pipeline management allowing businesses to focus sales reps on the deals they are most likely to win.

4. Introhive for Salesforce

Introhive for Salesforce collects and analyzes connections and communications across email, social and mobile platforms. The platform scores and ranks these relationships to create relationship scores for accounts and contacts. Introhive data is matched to accounts, leads and contacts in Salesforce to bring actionable insight where users need it. Introhive integrates this data in real time with Salesforce1 so the content is always synced and fresh.

5. Powerdialer for Salesforce (from

Powerdialer for Salesforce is designed for sales reps on the go. Reps can dial with mobile click-to-call including a LocalPresence number, leave pre-recorded voice messages, and automatically log calls to Salesforce. Managers get mobile call reporting, call geo tagging, and call monitoring and recording.

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