You may know Salesforce as the world's leading CRM company but what you may not know is that we also power the largest ecosystem of 3rd party business apps. This was never more evident then at Dreamforce last month in San Francisco where the largest ever expo of cloud vendors and associated technologies was a key part of the experience.
AppExchange apps are built by our ISV (Independent Software Vendor) partners from all around the world, covering many industries and categories. Powered by the class-leading Salesforce1 Platform our customers and partners love the trust, performance and innovation we deliver to them in apps they need to run their business.
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The AppExchange has over 2,500 apps, over 2.6 million installs and over 28,000 reviews by customers - that's a huge amount of customer success in the cloud.
Over 71% of customers have installed an app from the AppExchange and - even more impressive - over 23% have more than 5 apps installed - so if you haven't yet tried it here are my steps to app success.

STEP 1 Check out the AppExchange for apps that are social, mobile and open. You can browse by functional categories (e.g. sales, service, IT, finance). Now, you can even see the top apps that our Australian customers use

STEP 2 Get along to our events and meet our partners. Events like Dreamforce, Connect Sydney 2014 and Salesforce Essentials (running in Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Auckland in November and December) are all great places to meet our AppExchange Partners to understand how they can help your business.
Step 3 Ask your friendly Salesforce Account Executive for advice on apps that might be relevant for your business. They work with our partners and their other customers and will be able to advise you on apps to look at for your business. Don't have one? Not a problem, just get in touch and we will answer your questions.
Step 4 Join the Salesforce Success Community and connect with your local user groups. Our users groups are always great resources to find out about top locally supported apps that can transform your business.
Step 5 This is a good one! Install and trial apps. You can trial most apps either in a limited deployment in your production org or in your sandbox org (if you have one). You can also install trial apps into stand alone developer orgs. Sign up for a free Developer Edition org here and test out the apps today.
See here for more information on mobile apps for your business:
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About the Author
JamesC[sml]James Coffey, Manager of ISV Solutions at Salesforce, leads Salesforce's AppExchange Partner go-to-market team in the Asia Pacific region.