How many of you would be lost without your smartphone, both in your personal life and at work?

At Salesforce, we realize every one of our customers is actively defining and budgeting a mobile strategy so they can connect with their customers in whole new ways. In 2014, according to Accenture, 87% of C-level executives currently have a formal mobile strategy at the enterprise or unit level, and roughly one-third have the CEO directly involved.

What’s driving this powerful shift to mobile is our employees and customers instinctively reach for their smartphones first to get work done quickly. It has become our preferred way to work. It’s only after we realize we can’t get something done quickly through our mobile device do we fall back on more traditional methods of getting things done — making a phone call from our desk, setting up a meeting or visiting a website through our laptops. We realize if we can’t enable our employees and customers to work mobile first, our companies risk losing our competitiveness in the war for employee talent and high value customers.

This mobile-first mindset is anchored in our flagship Salesforce1 Mobile App. The Salesforce1 Mobile App is the one app with infinite possibilities, powered by our Salesforce1 Platform. It’s the one app that brings all your customizations forward onto all your mobile devices. Now, more than 85,000 organizations are using the Salesforce1 Mobile App as a key pillar of their mobile strategy.

Today we’re excited to share with you our latest update, version 7.0, to the Salesforce1 Mobile App—available on the Apple App Store today, and soon to be available on Google Play. This latest update to the Salesforce1 Mobile App not only brings forward the 200+ productivity feature enhancements made available in the Winter '15 release, but also improves the mobile user experience to help our users work faster, using fewer taps, to run their business from their phones. Read on to learn more about five of my favorite enhancements:

1. Improved User Interface

We have retooled our user navigation to reduce the number of taps required to get work done. Filtering listviews means you can slice and dice any of your carefully curated list views to find exactly what you want — faster. Once you find what you’re looking for, every page is cached and stenciled to orient users — faster. The new, consolidated action bar with row-level actions allow users to complete work in fewer taps. The initial user feedback we’re hearing is what used to take 20 taps and 50 seconds to get something done is taking roughly 10 taps and 25 seconds — 2X faster!

2. Top 10 Requested Desktop Features

We paid careful attention to all of your user comments, with extra attention to the Top 10 most highly voted feature requests. We are proud to deliver popular desktop feature requests like lead convert, adding products to opportunities, sharing dashboards to Chatter and several other popular desktop features that users wanted pulled forward onto their mobile devices for easier access. The #1 most popular request was Salesforce Events, and now, with version 7.0, you can not only pull your events forward onto your mobile devices, but also create new events and log events from Today quickly from your phone.

3. Today

The Today app just got a lot more powerful. In addition to quickly logging events as activity history with a single tap, we also made Today the most productive destination to start your day with My Recent Records, Account News, and Weather — everything you need to start your day.

4. Windows and Blackberry Mobile Browser Access

Now, you can log in using mobile browsers on Windows 8.1 and Blackberry 10 mobile devices — meaning you can access Salesforce on the go from any device.

5. Salesforce1 Setup

We love all our users especially our most powerful type of user — our system administrators! In Winter ’15, we added a powerful new Salesforce1 Setup wizard to help system administrators quickly configure their navigation menu, action bar, and compact layouts with just a few easy taps.

These are just five out of more than 200 new features in the Winter ’15 release and our 7th-generation mobile app. Want to learn more? Check out our New Features page or visit the Salesforce Success Community. And don’t forget to download the Salesforce1 Mobile App for iOS today, under your “Updates” tab or by clicking the button below — and stay tuned for the Android release later this month.  

Lastly, let us know how you like the new app. Whether you leave comments on the App Store or on the Success Community, just know that we read all your comments and want your feedback.