Navigating to the future. This small, but mighty statement packs an impressive punch, but in reality how does an Australian SMB even read their compass to know where to begin navigating to? 

We've made this easier -  Salesforce teamed up with Deloitte Access Economics to prepare an annual report on the changing landscape for middle market SMBs - how they compete, how they can win, how digital is changing things, and for this report a closer look into the aspirations of 500 surveyed Australian and New Zealand SMBs. 

If you missed our original blog post titled, 'What's Important to Australian SMBs?', then click here to view the key highlights in a video on how Smart SMBs Put People, Digital and Data First. 

The second video then goes on to answer the question, 'What Really Matters to Small Medium Businesses?'. 

Take a look at what the survey found out:

The overall narrative of the report is that the key to both increasing productivity and retaining the best talent is in collaborative, cloud-based and mobile technologies. Download the free report below to keep and share within your own business. 

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