Happy new year and welcome back! All of us here at Salesforce hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable holiday and are fresh and primed for what is certain to be an exciting and energising 2015.

If you are reading this post, it may mean that you are back at your desk and trying to frame your thoughts around what your agenda for 2015 should be. To help guide those thoughts it is worth reading this Medium post from Salesforce Co-Founder and Product Strategy Director, Parker Harris. He lays out some key enterprise computing trends we can expect in 2015, and explains why they are important to your business.

In 2015, successful companies will leverage these trends to capture and personalize every customer interaction in the cloud

In particular, Parker identifies three key directions that we believe are as important here in the local market as they are in the US:

  1. Every company is an App company: In 2015, we’ll see an acceleration of apps created to handle business-critical functions.

  2. Breaking down silos with Business Analytics: In 2015, analytics will move into the hands of every employee.

  3. Wearables in the Workplace: The Apple Watch will make its debut in early 2015...we are already big believers in this next wave of mobile technology.

Parker paints a picture of a 2015 where businesses are able to make a far more personal and relevant connection with their customers - certainly a very exciting opportunity! To read the article in full please click on the link provided, and be sure to follow Parker for more insight.

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