Technology is changing everything about how organisations do business today, from the front office interface with the customer, to back office systems and to supply chain partner relationships. Nothing is immune from this all pervasive revolution.

At the core of this revolution are the applications. In the US, for instance, comScore found that the growth in mobile app usage between June 2013 and June 2014 was as much as 52 per cent.

Introducing: The 2015 App Dev eBook

With an ever demanding user base, IT departments are under increasing pressure to keep launching and improving mobile apps that keep customers and employees alike engaged. There is a huge opportunity to connect with customers through mobile, even with simple point-and-click apps. This new eBook - 4 Tech Trends That Will Shape IT App Dev in 2015 - examines the key trends that drive innovation in the marketplace so app developers can keep pace with that change. This is how the eBook is structured:

1. Demand

With a smartphone in the hand of almost every Australian, the way we operate is changing rapidly. Every user expects to do business with companies using a device in the palm of their hand; while employees equally expect to be able to do their work while on the move. “There must be an app for that” is a phrase we use for every operation or transaction and so the opportunity for disruption is massive.

2. Constant Iteration

Mobile apps must be on a constant feedback loop and iterating daily and weekly, not annually. There is no such thing as an app that is perfect and finished. It must adapt and evolve on a permanent basis. You will notice this from the best apps we use everyday such as Facebook, Pandora, eBay and so on. Ever changing, ever improving.

3. Democratization

Today everyone can be an app developer! The latest generation of platform-as-a-service (PaaS) tools provide business users who might not have sophisticated coding skills with the ability to develop apps quickly and easily - mobile and social from the outset. These apps can be developed in any language and for any device without a great deal of know-how - creating a new app can be easy as working in Exel!

4.  Actionable Data

Vast amounts of data powers everything we do. Massive amounts of data can be quickly and easily made available to users through mobile apps; while at the same time those same apps can glean even more data from consumers that organisations can learn from to improve their systems, products and services. Real-time data is possible and it is this real-time immediacy that users expect - both inside the organisation as well as on the outside.

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4 Tech Trends That Will Shape IT App Dev in 2015 looks into these four dynamics in much more detail to help you understand how app development will evolve in the next twelve months. But at its core, this eBook provides the secret to that burning question: what is the secret formula to innovation in the enterprise. Why not download it now?