More than any other year, 2014 was the year characterised by growing momentum behind social advertising as a primary channel, in parallel with TV and search. For instance in the US, the IAB reported that mobile advertising - particularly on platforms such as Facebook - surpassed display advertising to be the number two digital channel.

A combination of new offerings from the primary social networks as well as from their partners meant the sector became exponentially more creative. Salesforce’s own has examined some of these new directions and has published the sales the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Advertising Benchmark report. It surveys how customers globally are making the most of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to reveal 5 significant trends that underlie the ascendency of social marketing in 2014.

1. Social Advertising: brands are investing more and more in this area to achieve more ambitious business objectives

2. Agency-side teams have become more specialised and dedicated in the use of social advertising - particularly on the big three platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

3. Campaign maturity has meant that social advertising now serves business objectives as sophisticated as new mobile app downloads, brand engagement through high-quality video production and even leads and sales revenue - in both B2B and B2C spaces.

4. There are significant future investments by the major social advertising platforms in video, group messaging, lead funnel management, Virtual Reality and TV/Digital inter-connection to secure the long term for this space.

5. Brands are becoming more adept at personalised marketing and targeting their advertising on an individualised basis meaning that using mobile, through the big three networks, messages can be better customised for people enabling greater brand differentiation.


Originally posted by Chris Jacob on the Salesforce Blog

Beyond these high level trends, there were also some specific developments worth noting which further underline the degree to which brands are embracing social advertising:

  • Facebook CPM costs ( increased to $1.54, while click through rates tripled to signify far greater ad engagement rates

  • There was a 65 per cent growth through the year in Facebook’s daily active global mobile user base to 703 million

  • Twitter reported a 173 per cent increase through 2014 in cost-per-engagement (CPE) for Promoted Accounts to $0.53. Conversely the Promoted Tweets CPE increased only 10 per cent to $0.34

  • LinkedIn Cost-Per-Click increased from $4.38 to $5.97 through the year signifying the premium advertisers place on the network as a way to engage senior decision makers and stakeholders.

So 2015 will be an exciting one and we look forward to bringing you more insights as the year evolves!

The Advertising Benchmark report is here! Download the report at our website