Consensus will tell you that those companies that succeed are the ones that place the customer at the centre of their strategy and their focus. Those SMBs who put their customers first experience the fastest and most sustainable growth and customer data is at the heart of that process.

The most powerful tool for using data to improve your sales effectiveness is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application. CRM apps arrange critical customer data into one intuitive user view so that salespeople can be more responsive to customers, provide them with relevant messages and content, better organise those tasks required to keep customers happy and to report on customer activity.

But more than that, CRM apps can interact with legacy accounting tools to help the business better forecast its sales performance and revenue and derive a larger return on its technology investments.

We have developed this infographic to illustrate more ways that SMBs can leverage a CRM tool to turbo-charge their business.


Some key take-outs from the infographic are:

  • Using a CRM can bring a SMB a 29 percent increase in sales, a 34 percent increase in sales productivity and a 42 percent improvement in forecast accuracy

  • A CRM app can collate a variety of critical customer data into an intuitive feed drawing from email and social media as well as from sales interactions

  • CRMs helps SMBs manage their leads more effectively by tracking and organising them and then providing key information to salespeople in a timely fashion

  • To assist SMBs become more customer-focussed, CRMs help manage customer requests and arrange them by priority to ensure customers’ needs are always met

  • In partnership with accounting tools, CRMs provide a comprehensive view of account history, customer dialogue and key relationships

  • Consolidating all customer accounts into one single view has a number of benefits but principal among them are: faster searches, greater productivity, and the potential to scale your business’ success

So take a look at the infographic to discover how you can turbo-charge your business

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