The modern customer today not only wants more but expects customer service teams to deliver a level of service that is personalised, expert and speedy.

However, the bar is always being lifted and so the challenge isn’t just to meet these expectations but to always exceed them and stay ahead of the competition; setting the standards rather than chasing them.

Technology is the key to this challenge, technology like the Smart Agent Console from Service Cloud.

What the E-Book is About 

To this end, we have created an ebook to illustrate how agents can meet those standards of customer service excellence customers demand. “Personalised, Smarter, Faster: How the Smart Agent Console Can Transform Your Customer Service” helps customer service agents - and their managers - be more productive and exceptional in the service they provide in today’s connected world.


The Structure of the E-Book

The e-book is divided into three parts that address each tenet of stellar service:


The Smart Agent Console gives your agents the tools to connect to each customer 1:1, regardless of the channel. When a customer contacts an agent, the Console pushes all relevant customer information including a full case history, billing activity, and more. Your agents are empowered to deliver personalised service in the customer's preferred channel.


Competent agents are the biggest driver of happy customer experiences, but they won't always have all the answers. To fill in the gaps, agents can find the most relevant experts, resources, and past cases to give every customer the most informed answer every single time. Your agents are connected to every resource they need to provide smart service thanks to the Smart Agent Console. 


No matter how personal or smart your service is, you won't have satisfied customers unless it's also lightning-fast. The Smart Agent Console prioritises agent productivity so that they can do more with less clicks — like hotkeys and taking action on cases right within the feed. 

Get the E-Book

You can now download this e-book at no cost. Click the button below to read How the Smart Agent Console Can Transform Your Customer Service.

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