I think most kids dream of being a hero, or having magical superpowers so they can help people and save the day. For many this remains but a dream, but with the Salesforce1 Platform you can now be the hero of your office.

When we grow up, we often leave childhood dreams aside and get jobs, and form a routine of doing things the way that things are done - and yet a tiny piece of our childhood continues to long and yearn for the day we might be a hero. For me, I picked a computer science degree and then realised I didn’t want to be a developer (I’m sure nobody else can relate to having an unused degree on the wall). Yet once I finished my degree and entered the workforce, something happened.

I noticed so many things being done the hard way, and without really thinking about it started leveraging my education to write programs that removed inefficiencies and become a hero with my co-workers. The great news for everyone, is that now it’s easy to be a hero with the Salesforce1 Platform and you don’t need to know any code to worry about semi-colons and curly braces.


Bloomberg Gettyimages: Salesforce co-founder Parker Harris as Lightning Man with CEO Marc Benioff

As I talked about in my last post ‘Moving the Cliff', Salesforce makes great investments with tools like the Process Builder to empower ‘citizen developers’. That is our description for the everyday people, not programmers, that are empowered to build apps and drive new efficiencies in their organisations. You can build entire lines of business applications with a complete data model and workflows and never have to see a line of code, it’s 100 percent point and click. 

Your new application is in the cloud so instantly accessible by your team wherever they are and enabled onto mobile devices through the Salesforce1 app. It also has integrated collaboration, advanced drag and drop reporting and dashboards, a powerful security model and seamlessly integrates to the data most important to your business...your customer data.

So how do you get started? Well Salesforce is making that easy too with Salesforce Trailhead, step by step interactive tutorials that walk you through all you need to know to get a start building apps and solving problems.

trailhead picture.png
Trailhead takes a gamified approach to learning, with short modules followed by either some hands on practical exercises or a short quiz. As the modules are very discrete you can pick and choose the things you want to learn about at your convenience.

So what are you waiting for? Go and blaze your own trail towards being a hero and learn how to build apps and solve problems using the Salesforce1 Platform today!


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