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Rock and roll legend Neil Young wants to transform the way you listen to music. His mission is to turn the tide on compressed music — the popularity of MP3s and streaming has made compressed music the de-facto standard for music. Why? When music is compressed, much of the nuance and detail of the artist's vision is lost. 

Young launched what would become the third most successful kickstarter in history to develop the PonoPlayer, a high fidelity audioplayer that would deliver a higher quality listening experience.

But Pono's ultimate goal wasn't to just create another place where you could buy music; Young and his team wanted to create a social music store where you hang out, talk to other listeners — and maybe buy some music. That mission became possible with the help of  the Community Cloud

What the E-Book is About 

We've created the e-book Why We Built a Salesforce Community: PonoMusic to explain why community is at the heart of the Pono movement and how Salesforce enabled the Pono team to bring their vision to life. Available today.

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The Structure of the E-Book

The e-book is divided into three parts that address Pono's mission and how community is embedded into every piece of the PonoMusic experience. 

What is Pono?

Pono is more than a high-fidelity music player — it's a social music store that blends the company's e-commerce, website and online community. It's where like-minded people can share and learn more about the music and bring the social aspect back to enjoying music within a community.

How Pono Built Their Community 

Pono wanted to build a community that not only supports the e-commerce, but drives it. The community would also serve support functions as well so people can ask questions and learn more about the PonoPlayer and PonoMusic. 

Pono's Customer Success Platofrm

With Community Cloud PonoMusic found the features and capabilities it needed to get the community up-and-running quickly, without sacrificing any functionality or customization. In partnership with Salesforce, Pono is changing the music industry as we know it. 

Get the E-Book

You can now download your free copy of this e-book. Click the button below to read Why We Built a Salesforce Community: PonoMusic.

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