Picture this. You’re a sales rep talking to a prospect on the last day of the month. You want to bring them over the line with a great end-of-the-month discount offer. But, your prospect has to leave immediately for the airport to fly overseas for a board meeting, no time to sign the papers. So, what do you do?

For Optus, this modern day scenario became a reality and actually happened. And, because the Optus sales rep in question was using Docusign – embedded into an app they had on the Salesforce1 Platform he was able to head to the airport and put the deal together in real-time on an iPad, face to face with the customer, using a secure, eSignature in the cloud. Build it, agree it and sign it - deal done! Check out Optus’s video story here.

40 million users driving a mobile revolution

It isn’t an unusual story, we are seeing a seismic shift in the way deals are done slowly but surely gripping the market. Data shows that 65 percent of Docusign transactions are completed within an hour.

Looking again at Optus, Frances Martin, Head of Sales Operations and Business Development says, "this has shaved five days off their contract process".

More than 700,000 documents are processed through Docusign every day, containing more than 3.5 million pages. Some 40 million users have already “DocuSigned” in 188 countries worldwide, in 43 languages. It’s a proven technology - Docusign is recognised as the Global Leader in Digital Transaction Management (DTM) by both Gartner and Forrester. If you want to read more, download a complimentary copy of the latest Forrester report to learn about the competitive impact of going digital by implementing a DTM solution.

What could have been a frustrating disappointment for the Optus rep, became a slam-dunk. The sales rep has the satisfaction of having the tools to perform against targets. The easy-to-use eSignature means none of the usual chores of printing, signing and scanning, i.e. less aggravation! Who doesn’t want that?

A win-win situation

Beyond the transaction itself, the ease of doing business in the cloud greatly enhances the relationship between the customer and your brand. The sales rep’s “can-do” approach to the customer’s request to do business in the airport reflected well on the Optus brand. Consequently, the overall experience also made it likely that the customer would recommend Optus to colleagues and friends. And we all know positive word-of-mouth is the most valuable marketing money can buy.

Above all though, this secure, auditable and streamlined process made doing business for both parties effortless and simple, and easier transactions mean more transactions!

So, don’t let the little things get in the way of your success. To see more about the DocuSign App and thousands of other partner Apps head to the Salesforce AppExchange. Keen to read even more about the endless possibilities on the Salesforce1 Platform? Download your free eBook on the Salesforce1 Platform App Guide and Gallery today.