What do you do when your business deals with several different parties everyday? And, that business is growing like wildfire? One of our most inspirational customers Les Mills has nailed it with a cloud platform that connects everyone in one place, based on Salesforce.

Les Mills totally gets that people don't exercise they way they used to. It's not supposed to be a chore. They want to feel great and love what they do. Les Mills wants them to love what they do and that’s why they have taken group fitness to the next level. Think thousands of people, pumping music and spine-tingling ​energy in a supersized Les Mills workout. 

This revolution in exercise is exactly the same ethos the company has brought to its business behind the scenes. Connecting via the cloud with gyms, instructors, and the people who attend classes is getting them closer to what people want,​ and supercharging the growth of the business internationally.

For example, as​ an instructor with Les Mills I can sign up, pay, find classes to teach,​ and download my music online. Effortless! As a ​Les Mills ​gym customer I can track memberships in dynamic ​dashboards and reach my targets for growing them. 

​As a customer I can jump online to get all the info on my next fitness fix. Or I can hang out with people like me on Les Mills social channels.

Les Mills is even integrating smart social marketing into its cloud platform to connect the people that attend workouts. Getting to know their community means more personal content and more life-long fans​.

Here's Les Mills' Salesforce story in 3 mins - prepare to be inspired!

This year Les Mills is hosting a global tour with Reebok to give fitness addicts around the world a chance to immerse themselves in the pure energy and excitement of an extra large Les Mills workout. It's called #ONELIVE and it promises to blow your mind. Already knowing the kind of energy this company brings to technology innovation, I have no doubt!

Check out the roadshow for a location near you here and join in with the social buzz #ONELIVE.​

Still want more? Here's a​ quick video of the Les Mills electric ​atmosphere to get you in the mood:

Keen to check out what local classes they have going on? Click here. I'm off to a workout - see you there!